Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?



Psychological Services - What to expect...  

Our goal is to provide you with a unique experience where you feel heard, understood and supported, to help you gain perspective on your problem and/or situation, and how to make changes or become more comfortable with your life.   

The process usually starts with a conversation with your psychologist to help her get to know you.  This will help her design your therapy to help empower you to live your life the way you would like it to be. It is also likely to involve building an understanding of your problem, it's causes, and what it is that keeps it going.  You may then learn new skills or strategies to minimise, neutralise or manage the problem area in your life, and that help you act differently or respond differently.  

You are also likely to develop a warm and collaborative relationship with your psychologist, based on mutual respect.  In this relationship, you will be empowered to provide feedback as to what strategies work, and which do not work, so that the treatment plan can be altered to suit your needs.  There is not a "one size fits all" strategy - so the sessions will be tailored, individually, to meet your needs.  

At times therapy can take time, and at other time, it can work quickly.  It can be a process of healing or recovery.  And it can be a process of personal evolution and growth.  

Your first appointment will be 75 minutes.  Ongoing appointments will be 50 minutes in duration.  Medicare rebates are available for eligible clients of up to $84.80 for up to 10 appointments per year.  If you are not eligible for Medicare rebates, you may still be able to claim through your private health fund.  

How to make an appointment... 

I am available at Riverland's Therapy at Blaxland on Thursdays (daytime or evening). Some appointments are available, by special arrangement in Penrith or Springwood.

To make an appointment with Janine Fraser, call

Riverlands Therapy Services on 02 4731 8111 or call me on my mobile 0408 40 45 41. 

If you want a quick (10 min) phone conversation with me before booking, let me know (either through the booking number, or by texting me) and I will call you back.  


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