Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

Psychology & Hypnotherapy in Western Sydney & Blue Mountains

Psychology & Hypnotherapy in Western Sydney & Blue Mountains

Janine Fraser - Registered Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Offering therapy, treatment and counselling for adolescents and adults in Sydney's Western Suburbs & Blue Mountains

  • Do you feel as if there is a battle going on inside of you and you have no control? 
  • Are y ou feeling more stress, anxiety or depression than you used to?
  • Are you having panic attacks and have tried everything else?  
  • If you are a prisoner of your own mind - are you ready to escape? 

What does a Psychologist do? 

Broadly speaking, most psychologists provide assessment and therapy to clients, in order to help facilitate personal, social or behavioural changes.  Many psychologist act in a therapeutic role, listening and assessing their clients concerns and life circumstances, offering support, advice and treatment to address their client's issues and needs.  Tools and strategies may include cognitive, behavioural and/or emotionally focused therapies, for example: 

  • Working with people with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other mental health issues 
  • Evaluating the needs of unwell family members and helping the family and carers adjust to their new role and meet the needs of the unwell person 
  • Working with people to improve their performance (e.g. athletes , performers, students) 
  • Increasing resilience (and reducing burnout) during stressful situations 
  • And more... 

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?  

According to the APA, Clinical Hypnotherapy is a "procedure during which a health professional or researcher suggests that a client, patient, or subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviour."  (APA, Div.30, Society of Psychological Hypnosis).  
So what does that mean?  In layman's terms, Clinical Hypnotherapy is: 

  • A conversation between two people, designed to help one person (the client) make changes 
    • It is a guided process, which uses a trance like state of focus to increase a persons sense of control  
      • It works best when used as an adjunct to other psychological or medical tools
      How can Goal Directed Hypnotherapy help you? 

      It can help you in many ways.  For example... it can help you to: 

      • Imagine  creating changes … such as being healthy… happy… less stressed… 
      • Discover how it will feel to achieve your goals…  reduce exam anxiety  or improve social confidence  
      • Set new goals and expectations... 
      • Build healthy self-esteem ...   
      • Lift low mood... and...   reduce your depression...
      • Reduce anxiety... panic... and phobia
      • and much more 


      How to make an appointment... 

      I am available at Riverland's Therapy at Blaxland on Thursdays (daytime or evening). Some appointments are available, by special arrangement in Penrith or Springwood.

      To make an appointment with Janine Fraser, call

      Riverlands Therapy Services on 02 4731 8111 or call me on my mobile 0408 40 45 41. 

      If you want a quick (10 min) phone conversation with me before booking, let me know (either through the booking number, or by texting me) and I will call you back.  


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