Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

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Resilience Secret #4 - "Take Time Out" or "Permission to Trance"

Task Four: Alone and With Others

The last way to evaluate your list is to read each item and place an “A” beside items that you can do alone. 

Make sure you’ve got things you can do alone as well as things you can do with others. If you are someone who avoids being alone, learn to like your own company, then you’ll never be alone again. Give yourself permission to go into your own trance state by taking time out for you. 

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This list of things that you enjoy is a brief way of assessing your capacity and ability to develop and maintain a resiliency level. The more you exercise your choices to have fun or accomplish something that is meaningful to you, the more resilient you will be.

If you have written the list but are struggling to take action, what you are experiencing is resistance.

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