Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

Humour | Help Another

Humor Helps... 
You know it's time to help another with stress when...

  • Conversations often begin with "Put the gun down, and then we can talk"
  • They have a tantrum at the supermarket which out-does a four year old
  • The school principal has their number on speed-dial
  • They have been in a very bad mood for 20 years! 
  • Their dog barks before you kick it 
  • Their cat is on Valium
  • When you try to remember when they last had personality 
  • The number of jobs they're held in a year is greater than the months of the year
  • They used to have a handle on life - but it broke
  • They can't be a good example because they're such a horrible warning
  • He / she stops to think and forgets to start again
  • It IS as bad as they think, and you are out to get them
  • They don't have their foot in their mouth - they just open their mouth to change feet
  • Nescafe gives them industrial rates 

If this sounds like anyone you know, it’s time to get them some professional help.  
Call me today on

Riverlands Therapy Services on 02 4731 8111 or call me on my mobile 0408 40 45 41. 

for an appointment.  
You’ll feel better and so will they.

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