Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Types of Anxiety Disorders

As mentioned earlier, it is very normal to have some worry, stress and anxiety from time to time. People usually manage to get through these things without them really becoming a problem. When they do become a problem, the intensity and frequency generally increases. So too, does the person's personal distress levels. In these cases, they may be worried about the anxiety level, rather than the subject. For example, they may become worried that they are worried, rather than concerned they forgot to feed the dog.  Normal Problems include: 

  • Worry 

  • Stress

  • Mild Anxiety 

In addition to normal worry, stress and normal anxiety, there are 7 categories of Anxiety Disorders.  It is important to understanding if you are stressed or distress, if you are clinically anxious, and how that suffering affects you.  These categories may well change from time to time as scientific interpretations change.  

7 Anxiety Disorders include:

On the following pages you will find descriptions, symptoms and treatments. Remember that most people with one disorder also have another disorder (e.g. depression and anxiety often travel around together). Read the descriptions of each type, notice which symptoms you seem to be suffering from. Remember, you shouldn't diagnose yourself - only a GP or a psychologist is qualified to diagnose you with a mental health disorder.   

Personally, I think having a formal "label" is always helpful. You certainly don't need a formal diagnosis to see a clinical hypnotherapist or a counsellor. And sometimes those labels are sticky, and if you've got the wrong one stuck to you, that might not be helpful at all, as they can be hard to get off. Perhaps you could think of these descriptions as more like "flavours" than "labels".  Flavours are easier to change.  

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