Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

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Our Anxiety Management and Panic Attack program is available with our qualified and registered Counsellor & Hypnotherapist in Castle Hill, Sydney

Common Triggers For Anxiety & Panic?

Stress is the common trigger for both Anxiety & Panic.  These triggers fall into two categories: things that happen in the outside world (physical and physiological triggers) and things that happen in the inside world (cognitive and emotional triggers) - the body doesn't distinguish between them.  When you are stressed, any number of stressors can trigger anxiety or escalate to panic.  Here are some examples of physical and mental triggers which can lead to stress behaviours such as anxiety, panic attacks, types of misconduct and even battle fatigue.

Do you feel as if there is a battle going on inside of you which you have no control?

Well, perhaps there is... But the good news is hypnotherapy is known to help.  But note, panic attacks can also be a signal of other medical conditions, so it is important to see your GP for a check up prior to commencing hypnotherapy, counselling or CBT treatment with our qualified and registered Hypnotherapist in Castle Hill, Sydney.

Physical Triggers

Mental Triggers

 Environmental Triggers
 Cognitive Triggers 
Heat, cold, wetness, vibration, noise, blast hypoxia (insufficient oxygen), infectious agents, physical work, physical allergens, etc                                           
Information, too much, too little, ambiguity, uncertainty, isolation, time pressure versus waiting, unpredictability, rules of engagement, difficult, etc
Physiological Triggers
Emotional Trigger
Sleep debt, dehydration, malnutrition, poor hygiene, muscular and aerobic fatigue, illness or injury etc. Fear and anxiety producing threats, grief-producing losses, resentment, anger and rage, boredom producing inactivity, interpersonal feelings, spiritual confrontation or temp

Note: The above triggers may act singly or interact with each other to become compound triggers
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Your body doesn't distinguish between real and perceived threats. 

When you’re stressed your body reacts as if it is faced with a life-or-death situation and switches your body's stress response. In the case of panic attacks, it isn’t only your thoughts that are causing you stress; your imagination is feeding the experience! Your imagination perceives a stress as a threat and activates the flight or fight’ response, or in the extreme, a panic attack
Your mind can do this quickly and unconsciously, it will feel as if it came from nowhere. 

There is, however, a subconscious survival process taking place which when understood can be reprogrammed. This is all very well, but why do some people suffer from panic attacks and others don’t?

You may not like this answer - it can be a learned response and now you have learned to expect it!

To overcome anxiety and panic reactions, let's look at what happens during the flight or fight response. This will help you understand how these common triggers have been causing havoc in your life, and it will make it easier to reverse.

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