Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

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6 Quick Fixes to Release Anxiety

If you suffer from full blown anxiety panic attacks, you are probably looking for a quick fix. There are some simple techniques you can use to bring yourself to your senses quickly and relieve symptoms. These do not CURE anxiety panic attacks, but they will help you relieve immediate symptoms. For further treatment, hypnosis one of the most effective treatments options available.

Anxiety Self Help | Bring Yourself To Your Senses...

The quickest way to bring yourself to your senses is to use your senses... 

When the body is overloaded, our senses help us gather information.  So start by slowing down.   Slow down your breathing, your thinking, your reacting (especially your reacting) and just get a sense...

Do you have a view from your window?  If not, create one...  Studies show that people with a view are happier, but it doesn't matter if the view is a real landscape or images of things you enjoy.  Surround yourself with visual stimulation, such as uplifting photos and pictures, a vase of flowers, put a bowel of fresh fruit on the bench, hang a prism in a window so you can enjoy rainbows throughout the day.  Wear accessories and jewellery that makes you feel great.  Go have a consultation with Australia's top image consultant, Chris Rewell - if you look fabulous, people will think you are fabulous and you'll believe them!  

Or change your point of view with Hypnotherapy!

Sounds:  Get Into The Grove.  What type of music does it for you?  Is it sounds that calm such as birds and whales? Or sounds that remind you of enjoyable times (ACDC or the Eagles perhaps)?  Experiment.  Play music in your office, house, car.  Test out other sounds such as a wind chime.  Put a bird feeder outside your window so that you can enjoy both the sight and the sound.  A small fountain in your home or office can create a soothing sound.

Scent:  Is that burnt toast I smell?  Even burnt toast can help you change your state, but perhaps you would prefer to test out flowers, aromatherapy oils, a coffee machine in your office (but don't drink it all), or even a bowl of fresh fragrant fruit - these may help you eat healthy choices.  Buy a new perfume or after-shave and smell good!  Different scents can have a calming or uplifting effect on your nervous system and help you de-stress, unwind and chill out.

Touch:  Have a massage, hug a child or play with a dog.  Have a massage, hug a child or play with a dog.  Experiment with textures, with warm and cool temperatures to relax and renew.  Keep Vics Vapour Rub in your draw and rub it into your neck.  Keep an ice-pack in the freezer and use it as required.  Even a cool, damp cloth can help you change your mood.  Press a warm (or icy) beverage mug into your skin.  I remember my grandmother telling me that people stop touching your when you get old, so let someone you care about know that you care with the gift of touch.

Taste: Instead of "mindless" eating, try "mindful" eating - it will be better for your stress levels and your waist-line.  Take a lunch break, eat slowly, and stop to enjoy the flavours. Indulge your senses, mindfully and moderately. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water bottle. ENJOY!

Move Those Muscles: 

You have a sense of movement don't you? Well, movement acts like one of your senses and reduces stress. Go for a walk, run, use a punching bag, or clean a cupboard. If stress is extreme and you're house-bound clean the bathroom floor or the tyres of your car, with a tooth brush! If you tend to shut down when stress strikes, try pacing while you talk on the phone. Stand up - instead of sitting down at a desk to write and work. Keep a rubbery stress ball at your desk and squeeze it to relax. Use a rocking chair to focus and relax. Got more energy to burn? Try push-ups!

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