Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

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Core Beliefs

What are the Core Beliefs that Fuel & Maintain Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Here are the core beliefs that fuel and feed Panic Attacks... 

Panic Belief

Explanation Of Symptom

I am having a heart attack

The heart pumps faster to cope with the increased demand that will be made on it when we start running or fighting.

I might die from suffocation

Because we are not using the extra oxygen we have breathed in during panic, our short shallow breaths allow it all to go out again, leaving us breathless.

I'm scared of being sick

Digestion stops when we are in an emergency prompting feelings of nausea, and blood is diverted to the muscles in arms and legs leaving our mouth feeling dry.

I'm having a nervous breakdown, or going 'crazy'

A normal stress response, disassociation, a natural defence mechanism to keep arousal in check.

I'm losing control

With every cell in the body screaming to run, and you not running gives the feeling of losing control.

I'm feeling so weak I might fall down

Taking in more oxygen quickly increases our energy levels and fuelling our muscles for rapid movement.

I'm going to faint

The body is expecting to take some serious aerobic exercise like fighting or running so to prevent overheating, sweat starts to appear.

I'm going to be embarrassed or humiliated

As part of digestion stopping, the kidneys, intestines and bladder reduce their activity causing the elimination muscles to relax.

This chart was provided by Merv Edmunds 

While the panic attack only lasts for a few moments, the unpleasant anxiety and the memory of it can linger...

A panic attack is like the fast spin in a washing machine.  Just as your washing machine is designed to spin and vibrate and withstand all that sudden activitiy at certain times in the washing cycle, so your heart and body are designed to thump and shake when you get highly emotionally aroused.  Normally you would run like the clappers as a result but, if there is nothing to run from, and you don't repeatedly press the 'spin' button (i.e. think frightening thoughts), your arousal will settle down again quickly of its own accord.
This metaphor was kindly supplied by Merv Edmunds -

It is the lingering memories . . . the fear of the panic attack itself . . .  that creates the avoidant behaviour and leads to Anxiety Disorders. But memories can change, beliefs can be challenged, and you don't have to let anxiety and panic attacks rule your life (or become a disorder). That makes sense, doesn't it? 

Now that you know the core beliefs (the things you are running through your head) and the response that is causing in the body, you'll be able to start to unlearn these responses and how to overcome anxiety!  

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