Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?



Eliminate Stress Anxiety Panic

Skills 4 Life Case Studies: What our clients say...

These actual cases are representative of just some of the many concerns that are presented to us and the results that were achieved.  Our clients details are strictly confidential and actual identities and personal details have been restricted for obvious reasons.

Panic Attacks / Anxiety / Work Related Stress 
Female, 18:  She reported being anxious as long as she could remember.  Her panic attacks were so severe they had stopped her attending her own graduation party, and other significant events.  Her current situation was one of being in a stressful work environment, which had triggered a fresh round of panic attacks.  She attended 6 appointments in total, but didn't need the last appointment.  Later that week, I received this email from her:  

"My experience of hypnotherapy was the most positive experience I have had in my life....  You have taught me how to respond to difficult situations in positive ways that in the outcome make me feel great because of what you have taught me I am thinking before I do things and for the first time in my life I am so proud of the person I am becoming and I am realising so many things I like about myself and because of this I am allowing myself to get closer to so many more people. 

I have joined the gym, and am eating healthy and doing just about anything I can to make myself the best person I can be. I have gone from having anxiety attacks every week to not having one for over a month, and I am looking forward to when I can look back and say it has been years. It feels like what has happened is a miracle I never thought I could enjoy and love my life so much...  Janine, my life has changed so much that I can not even believe how lucky and fortunate I am to be where I am today. Thank you for everything you have done."   (AB, April, 2014.) 

Anxiety / Panic Attacks, male, 21:  This young man had multiple problems, including pot smoking and social anxiety.  On his last appointment he reported to me "I've done more things since seeing you, than what I've done all year" (admittedly it was only February).  For example, he had been for several driving lessons, been going out socially, and stayed over night at friends houses on two occassions, was happier at work and had even been to the beach.  Not bad for someone who had previously been either at work, or in his bedroom, and hadn't been out socially for months.   

Stress / Burn Out:   
Female, 56:  She was having trouble at work and her supervisor had pulled her aside for a word. She wasn't sure if it was menopause, relationship, or work related, but her personality had changed, she was constantly unhappy, feeling drained, and tearful.  I referred her to a really good naturopath, and worked with her ability to be adaptable and handle stress. 

I just wanted to thank you so much. I've had really quite incredible results.  I got a real fright when you said I had symptoms consistent with burn-out and referred me to the naturopath - but you were absolutely right.  I think your talent lies in being able to take what I told you and turn it around for me in a way I hadn't thought of before.  Work has improved.  My health has improved.  And our relationship has improved.  Thank you so much Janine.   (KL; March 2013) 

Stop Smoking:  
Male, 49:  He had been smoking since he was a 14-15. Had been a rebellious child, probably had ADHD. Was facing his mortality and realised he needed to stop smoking if he was to live to old age.  He stopped after his first session, but then slipped up, having one cigarette, which he put down to excitement, on his way to golf on Sunday.  He arrived as sessions #2 ready to stop for good, and wondered if I could also help with his golf game.  I received this text the night before his #3 session:  

Hi Janine, I've only had 5 cigg's.  No, just joking.  None.  No cravings, no desires. Totally smoke free. Played golf and played heaps good. So tomorrow could you add in being able to sleep till 6am, if do wake up can go back to sleep, golf improvement, wedding speech (ahhhh) and fitness.  Many thanks.  Looking forward to it.   (SS: March 2013) 

Stop Smoking:  
Male, 49:  He had been smoking since he was 16.  Was sneaking out to smoke, his family didn't know. He was behaving like a rebellious teenager.  He was becoming worried about his health as he was pre-diabetic and his doctor had told him to stop smoking to improve his circulation. He was able to reduce the amount he smoked, then stop completely.   

Hi Janine, I've been free since our last session.  Only an occassional desire and craving but manageable.  Thank you again. Tomorrow will be a month Janine. Been going for walks too with the kids.  (EA: March 2013)

Study Improvement:   
Female, 24:  Client had been trying to finish her degree for 3 years, she was now entering her 6th year of study, and sitting on a very low average.  She believed there was only one way to get to where she wanted to go, and that was to study full time, and get an average of 85+ for all her subjects.  (This was an unrealistic goal). Part of the problem was, that she wasn't attending classes, and had a very weak study strategy. The following are a series of texts I received after just two appointments with this delightful young lady.  

Hi J. I'm going to see my academic advisor on Tuesday. There are summer vacation internships opened for (company name) and application process is overwhelming. Just wanted to update on how I am going. I'll text after meeting with advisor. (Sh: Feb 2013)

Good morning J. Just want to let you know that I am on my way to uni, it's my first day.  I had a good night sleep & I didn't hesitate to go to come all the way here.  Just want to say thank you :)   (Sh: March 2013)

Female, 15, Nail Biting:  She had been biting her nails as long as she could remember.  She didn't know of any triggers, she didn't even know when she wanted to bite, she just found it happening automatically.  I received this note from her a couple of days after her appointment: 

Hi Janine it's RB here. Just texting to let you know that it's going really well! I have noticed that I "want" to bite my fingers, so I don't. Which is good. Thank you so much for your help. I feel as though it has worked!.  
Cheers RB.  (RB: March 2013) 

Female, 47, Stress and Relationship Problems:  Her ex-husband was an abusive alcoholic. She was feeling guilt and responsibility for him, and putting up with seriously flawed behaviour.  We worked together to establish new boundaries for her relationships, and to be able to prioritise her new relationship over her old relationship.  
I thought I'd let you know I've had a really good week, much calmer about everything. I've had a night of texts from my ex that would normally upset me, but not this time, at all!  Will call you tomorrow.  (SZ: Feb 2013)

Male, 52: Addicted to Nicotine Replacement Therapy Lozenges 
He felt like such a looser, everyone knew he'd given up smoking, but they didn't know that for 4 years, he'd been addicted to NRT Lozenges. He thought he'd be the laughing stock if anyone found out.  He gave up after one session and sent a note to say: 

That is amazing Janine, really amazing!  Not one single craving. It's like it was never even a problem.  Thank you so much (BP: Jan 2013) 

Female, 17, Anxiety around Year 12 Formal:  She had been suffering from nausea and abdominal pain for 2 years, often occurring in relation to social activities.  She had been checked out by various medical specialists, but they couldn't find anything wrong.  She had her graduation and Year 12 Formal pending, and was worried that she wouldn't be well enough to attend.  In addition to hypnotherapy, I gave her some natural remedies to support the change.  
Hi Janine!

IT WORKED!! I am SO so thankful and happy!
I didn't feel sick at all at formal, or at afters, and i had a fantastic night!
I took (the natural remedy) on the Sunday and Monday nights, just so i wouldn't worry, and on Tuesday, the whole day went really well.

Thank you so much!

I'm off to schoolies now for a week, and i'm sure that i'll be well there too!

Thank you!!
LG  (Dec 2012) 


Female, 30's, Nurse: 
She had been suffering from depression and anxiety since the age of 15.  Her father, a psychologist and hypnotherapist, referred her to me.  She didn't think she could be hypnotised, as she always got the giggles when her father tried to hypnotise her.  She's been seeing a psychologist for depression for 2 years.  She improved in leaps and bounds and was genuinely surprised at how relaxed and happy she was feeling.  After 3 appointments she was able to move her appointments to a month apart and was coping with numerous life changes. 
"I don't know why I didn't do this a long time ago.  I'm surprised at how relaxed I feel when I leave here and how well I'm coping with all the changes in my life.  I really look forward to coming and seeing you.  Thank you Janine."

Anxiety / Panic Attacks:

Male in his 40's, Truck Driver:  He had been suffering from back pain and his chiropractor sent him off for an MRI. The MRI couldn't be completed as he had a panic attack in the machine.  He made the appointment in the morning (luckily I could squeeze him in) and was due at hospital at 4pm.  He told me on the phone it was a once off event, but I found out later the anxiety had been present since he was 15.  After his successful MRI, this is what he said: 
"Hi Janine, all went well.  Closed my eyes and thought about all that you had said.  Thank you many times over.  I was a little skeptical initially, but loosened up after a while.  Thank you, I will apply this to all my issues.  I feel very calm... and relaxed..."
Female, in her 30's:   She had been suffering from Agoraphobia for 10 years, and was only able to leave her home to drive to work and home again, but recently had begun feeling panic in her own home.  She had 3 appointments a week apart.  Her third appointment, she drove herself to the appointment!  She has told me she's never looked back and has continued to improve. 

Stress Management: 

Female aged in her 40's, Project Manager: Not able to cope with family and work pressures.  She had a 2 year old child, 2 teenage step-children living with them in an undersized house, and was working as a project manager for a large company.  She had three "stress management" appointments, and this is an exert of an email received 3 months later:

"Thanks for the check up.  I'm doing OK.  Job wise: I've spoken to all the relevant managers and they are now organising me to move to the section I requested asap. I was pleasantly surprised that they were keen, very keen, to have me join the new group. Apparently people have been saying nice things about me, plus my previous work record is pretty good...  I even sent the MD an email and he asked me to join him for coffee.  That made my day, my week actually!...  So, if not for you, I would not have been brave enough to email my managing director and I certainly would have found an excuse for not meeting with him, because I didn't feel worthy before.  But I do now!  Thank you, thank you."  SS 

Anger Management:

Male, 40's, Sales Executive:
He had anger management problems that were effecting his personal life and his job performance.  His manager had told him that he needed to attend some form of Anger Management program and he chose Hypnotherapy to help him improve. 

"Hi Janine, I would just like to say a big thanks for my first session today and for making it very comfortable.  I started off with mixed feelings and was a bit nervous, and didn't really know if I really wanted to go ahead with it, however you made the whole process very easy and reassuring. The more you carried on talking, the more relaxed I got.  It's difficult to describe just what it felt like. Even at the most difficult part of my session, I had a feeling of complete comfort and peace, and I was able to deal with certain issues that I hadn't been able to deal with before. I'm really looking forward to working with you more.  I'm excited by the possibility of making changes and being a new person."

Cigarette Addiction:

Female aged 54, Office Manager:
She stopped smoking from her second appointment, even though her husband was still smoking at home.
"Thank you Janine.  I've cleaned up my act, my car and my office.  I'm still able to socialize with my friends and the smoking isn't even a problem."

Male, aged 47, Mechanic:  He had been smoking 40 cigarettes per day for 30 years.  He stopped smoking from the first session approximately one year ago.  He wanted to rid himself of the cigarette habit that had been with him for half his life.  He tried cold turkey, nicotine replacement gum, patches and even another Hypnotherapists - all without success.  His main problem was the stress of running his own business and the down turn in the economic environment.  Our method addressed the stress association with smoking and now he is more relaxed, more positive, and able to handle adversity and make changes easier.

Alcohol Addiction:

Female aged 38, School Teacher: 
She was drinking to cope with the stress of her job and the distance travelled on a daily basis to and from work.  She came from a family of alcoholics and when her family intervened over Christmas, she new she had to do something about it.  She stopped drinking after just one session and made some major changes to her life in the following month, which included moving closer to her work which meant living alone for the first time and less travel time, she was able to continue helping her best friend in her restaurant (which included serving drinks) and her self esteem went up. 

Gambling Addiction:

Female, aged 50's, Executive Officer:  She was an executive officer with a very stressful professional life. She found playing poker machines to be "mind numbing" and an escape from the rigors of her day. She was losing around $3,000 per week.  With hypnotherapy she was able to resolve her stress problems and found ways of relaxing away from gambling.

The above factual case studies are shown here to illustrate some of the problems that have been successfully treated with Hypnotherapy in our clinic. There are many others involving problems or addictions not shown here.

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