Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Counselling or Coaching?  What is the difference?  


If you are suffering from some sort of emotional pain, such as relationship issues, grief and loss, or feeling lost, then you would probably benefit from counselling.  If you feel like you need to get your life back on track, then it's counselling you seek.  

Life Coaching 

In contrast, if your life isn't the way you would like it to be… if you would like to reach your potential… or attain your dreams… (or even set some goals and reclaim your direction)… then you would probably benefit from Life Coaching.  

Still Not Sure?  

The following may provide a succinct visual representation. . . let's call it "moving along . . ." 
Hope it helps. 

Curious? If you would like to know more about Janine Fraser's credentials and experience click here. But you can also ask me in person, so why not? Why not talk to us and make an appointment? 

How to make an appointment... 

I am on sabbatical until further notice and am not seeing new clients during this time. 
If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in your area please contact one of the associations, as follows: 
Click here:  Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapist  or  Phone:   1300 85 11 76 
Click here:  Australian Hypnotherapists Association  or  Phone:   1300 55 22 54 

If you are an existing client, and have my number, then give me a call.  


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