Do you feel as if
there is a battle
going on inside of
you and you have
no control...?

Stress Management>Management


Stress is caused by the demands placed upon us.  Learning to respond to life rather than reacting is the key to stress management. This is a learnable skill - it doesn't always come naturally.  Learn effective stress management tools today.

Stress | Responding Rather Than Reacting To Life

Life would be boring without some stress.  Consider retirees... how many people have you heard of who find retirement difficult and decide to do voluntary work or sink into depression or self-destructive behaviours.  There even seem to be a few that die from the boredom and lack of challenges. 

Stress | The Art of Balance

The goal then is finding a healthy balance between our skills and resources and the way we deal with demands.  Most people have too many demands, not too few, and become "stressed out".  Stress can affect our physical and our emotional health. 

Picture this... a playground seesaw...

On one end is your resources, and the other end is the demands life deals you (or you create).

If demands out weigh resources, (as in the cartoon on the left), you become stressed. 

In the ideal world, both ends would be off the ground and at similar height, your resources and demands would be balanced. It would be easy to meet the demands life dealt. 

Where does stress come from?

Stress is both internal and external; it can be cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural. Each category comes with it's own symptoms.  To find out where stress comes from (you probably already know your stressors, but just in case. . .) click here
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